Subscribing to the "Thing 4" Feeds in Google Reader

Different sites present their RSS subscription links in different ways. With a little bit of experience, finding these links or icons becomes pretty easy. On this page, you will find step-by-step directions for subscribing to the required and stretch feeds listed in the Thing 4 Discovery Exercise, using a simple copy/paste routine that will work for most any site.

This is how Google Reader looks when you first log in.

After you have subscribed to the feeds, watch this brief video showing how to use Google Reader to read and manage your subscription feeds.

The Five Required Feeds

  1. Free Technology For Teachers
  2. Instructify
  3. TechLearning Advisor Blog
  4. Successful Teaching
  5. Teach Paperless

How to Subscribe to the Required Feeds

Blogs and sites using RSS feeds typically have an easily identifiable RSS icon or Subscription link.

First, log into Google Reader using your Google/Gmail account:

Then, in a separate browser tab or Window go to each of the required sites, look for the RSS or "Subscribe" button/link and subscribe to their feeds as follows:

Step 1 (repeat for each site)
Step 2 (repeat for each site)

Stretch Feeds

Sometimes, you will need to be a bit cleverer in your RSS-subscribing, as in our stretch feeds:
  • If there are LOTS of feeds on a page, right click the RSS icon or Subscription link for the specific feed that interests you, and select Copy Link Location (Firefox) or Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer) -- See New York Times RSS Feeds instructions below
  • Sometimes, you will need to highlight and copy the URL of the feed (as opposed to the web page) -- see NPR Podcasts instructions below

New York Times -


NPR Podcasts -