Thing 0: Get Ready!!


Welcome to CMS Learns Web 2.0!
Here you will find your first official course "activities," organized with an Introduction, Discovery Exercise (DE), and Task-- a format with which you will quickly become familiar. Reading carefully is, for better or worse, a key to success in this course. You will also find many HELP resources within the Discovery Exercises and Tasks -- placed at the point of need.

Before you get started, it is important that you read over this site so that you understand exactly how the course works. Three pages everyone should read in their entirety are:

    • Home - a general description of the course
    • About/FAQ - most everything you might want to know
    • The 23 Things - a list of course topics which will provide links to each week's content as it is released.

Discovery Exercises (DE)

DE PART 1: For this course, you may use a Gmail account (part of Google) to sign up for all the services you explore. Using Gmail or another web-based email will allow you to store all the sign-up/log-in information in one location, keep your school (and personal) email uncluttered, and protect your "digital footprint" if desired. You must also create a Google account. You may use any username you like for your Google account, as long as it is school appropriate. A Google account gives you access to all sorts of Google goodies, such as Google Reader and Google Docs, both of which we will explore in later weeks.

Let's get those accounts....

If you don't already have a Gmail account, sign up for one. Now, create or sign into your Google account.

purp_pin.gifHELP Video: How to sign up for Gmailpurp_pin.gifHELP Video: How to create a Google account
Congratulations!! You are now an official Web 2.0 user!
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